Logistic Planning

The process that creates value by timing and positioning inventory. It is the combination of a firm’s or project order management, inventory, transportation, warehousing, materials handling, and packaging throughout the facility network.

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    website: http://www.dodecaedrogroup.com
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: +5491154524157

    Location of rendered services: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Chile, Santiago de Chile

    Services: Temporary structures • Furniture • Logistic Planning • Printing •

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  • CAT

    Paris, France

    website: http://www.concept-at.com
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: +33607799799

    Services: Logistic Planning • Project Management • Consulting possibilities •

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    Bring together L4L partners, the supply chain and manage locally requests and needs.

  • Planwerx GmbH

    Cologne, Germany

    website: http://www.planwerx.de
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: +491702900046

    Location of rendered services: Europe, Asia, US

    Services: Logistic Planning • Project Management •

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  • Expo Speed GmbH

    Solingen, Germany

    website: https://expospeed.de
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: +4921238281311

    Location of rendered services: Germany

    Services: Transport/Freight forwarding • Logistic Planning •

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    We as an IFES member are specialized in Exhbition/Event/Congress logistics and offer also additional value services such as customs clearances and warehousing.

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  • Design in Berlin GmbH

    Berlin, Germany

    website: http://www.designberlin.de
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: 03363368690

    Services: Partition walls • Transport/Freight forwarding • Communication Technology • Furniture • Face protection • Logistic Planning • Project Management • Printing • Consulting possibilities •

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    Our own warehouse of trade fair building materials guarantees a rapid realization of temporary buildings for hygiene measures within the framework of Corona precautions.
    We realize the projects on our own, starting from project planning, through picking and transport to assembly and dismantling.


    Mexico City, Mexico

    website: https://www.sistexpo.com/
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: +52 1 55 48 777 555

    Services: Partition walls • Transport/Freight forwarding • Logistic Planning • Project Management • Artwork •

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    We would love to help on this hard situation in our industry , we could build with octanorm a small hospital in a venue or cabins where people can sanitize.

  • HOTT3D

    Cape Town, South Africa

    website: http://www.hott.co.za
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: +27765770989

    Services: Partition walls • Negative pressure structures • Logistic Planning • Project Management • Artwork •

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    HOTT3D is an exhibition and event design company that teamed up with our Oil industry clients to create Afrika Umoja. An initiative to drive healthcare solutions for COVID-19 into Africa by seeking to partner large multinationals with African government to fund intervention initiatives.

    All solutions in Afrika Umoja draw on a pool of specialists that enable us to deliver medically sound temporary structures rapidly. These include outdoor structures, medical flooring, HVAC, Power, Plumbing, Logistics.

    We are members of IFES, OSPI as well as EXSA and AXXO in South Africa.

  • Afrika Umoja (HOTT3D and AOP)

    Cape Town, South Africa

    website: https://afrikaumoja.co.za/
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: +27765770989

    Location of rendered services: Africa

    Services: Partition walls • Negative pressure structures • Drive in Facilities • Temporary structures • Logistic Planning • Project Management • Electrical installations • Consulting possibilities • Water installation

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    A South African event industry-led initiative to drive funding in order to provide the base infrastructure that medical interventions are going to need within Africa. Initial focus on countries that we have experience with, within the Oil and Gas sector, but certainly not limited to those countries nor that sector.

    Afrika Umoja has 4 focuses:

    1. To lobby adequate funding in instances where funds may not be available at a government level for relief efforts.
    2. All efforts to be produced as not-for-profit.
    3. Collaboration between as many suppliers as possible, to broaden the scope of what can be provided and in addition to utilise as many in-country resources as possible to help their economies.
    4. Collaboration between Governments, for ease of logistics between countries as well as Government/ Private funding partnerships.
    Our industry, and other industries, are filled with excellent people who do great work and are able to play a role in this. Afrika Umoja allows for a branded marketing platform and a leverage system to bring everything needed together in a coherent and organised manner. 
    The AOP team organise excellent government-level events in challenging environments. We deliver the infrastructure for those events. It’s a short leap to being able to do what is needed to create temporary space for medical experts to work within. But it has to be hand-in-hand with all the stakeholders to execute correctly. 


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