LIVE for LIFE is an initiative founded by the American Live-Communications Industry. Several Partners around the country provide short term Hospital buildings, e.g. in convention centers, to support the local health care authorities with their expertise. For example, they developed negative pressure temporary structures which can be installed within short time notice.

    The advantages to get Live-Com-specialists into these jobs are evident:

    • Expertise in rapid deployment of temporary structures.
    • Designers who understand traffic flow and space planning
    • Available manpower to coordinate the logistics
    • Labor crews who are ready to get back to work.

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    IFES has adopted this idea and brings it to a global context. We are connecting health care authorities with service providers of the Live-Communications Industry around the globe. They have developed several solutions which can be of aid to different regions. The Partners of this program are sharing their expertise across all borders to improve the products and services constantly.

    Sharing knowledge – is our support!